Welcome to the World of DTD Consult - the Natural Choice!!  

Located in North West Germany, DTD Consult is a Consultancy Business that offers support in the following areas;

Business, Strategic and Succession Planning

Business and /or operation plans

Strategic plans

Succession plans

Competitive analysis

Market analysis

Market shifts

Development of a “Business for Sale” prospectus

Marketing & Sales 

Marketing plans

Marketing audits

Market analysis

Service development

New service launch

Pricing analysis

Competitor analysis

Risk Management

Risk assessment

Business Expansion & Acquisitions

Management Buy Out (MBO)

Proposal writing and contract submittal assistance

Strategic plans

Cash flow budget & Capital requirements

Deal analysis

Pricing & valuation

Marketing audit

Management audit

Cost controls including breakeven strategies and cost reduction programs


Business plans

Inventory control

Profitability analysis

Service costing & pricing

Business Start-Ups

Business plan

Market analysis

Competitor analysis

Staff training

Customer Service & Operations


Service standards

Performance measurements


Service facility layout

Inventory control

Service costing


Provider or subcontract analysis

Buy or lease analysis


Personnel Planning

Manpower plans

Recruiting goals

Training requirements

Skills analysis

Manager leadership development

Next generation development

Conflict management

Team building

Productivity analysis

DTD Consult are recognised by the Head of Trade & CCU, UK Trade &  Investment, at the British Consulate General in Düsseldorf, as a Business  Consultant for Companies looking to start or expand business in  Germany.