DTD Consult Ltd - Creating success together 

About us  

"Empowering commercial organizations to navigate the intricate landscape of governmental and international relations, our management consultancy specializes in fostering mutually beneficial partnerships. With tailored strategies and unparalleled expertise, we drive sustainable growth and impactful outcomes, bridging the gap between businesses and national governments as well as international organizations."

Key Competencies

DTD Consult specialise in both Commercial and Government based activities, with extensive experience supporting Commercial organisations executing contracts in austere and challenging environments. Whether you are looking to enter “uncharted waters” and grow into a new geographical marketplace or extend your business offering, we work with you and your team to ensure a successful outcome.

Our Background

With a strong Military and Commercial background, DTD Consult has gained its experience working both internally and externally for and with Global market leaders.

The experience and knowledge gained whilst doing so is our collateral, and brings benefit in the form of knowledge transfer to our clients.

Our Philosophy

Utilizing a structured approach, tried and trusted methodologies, employing milestones to gauge development and ensure a measured success in all activities.

·        Based on a coherent set of principles, concepts and theories

·        Supported by a body of research undertaken either in an academic or commercial environment

·        To enable a particular challenge to be tackled in a structured and systematic fashion with a high probability of achieving particular beneficial outcomes

·        Have been used in similar situations a number of times before and through use and application the methodology is likely to have been refined and improved

The value of our methodology

Our methodology provides a frame of reference, structure and often a prescribed set of activities and tasks that will be undertaken in a particular and logical order. 

Our Guiding Principles

If we can’t define the project and agree on the deliverable, then don’t take on the assignment.

We must and will know the client’s definition of project success and will be truthful with ourselves that we can deliver.

We will only deliver services that are objective and suitable for the purposes they are required for.

If we can’t agree on a budget and a value for our services then it is best not to proceed.

We are engaged to be truth tellers and therefore must be open and candid at all times no matter how uncomfortable or difficult this is.  

Providing advice is only meaningful if the suggestions are truly actionable and realistic given financial and time constraints of the owners and key personnel of the company.

Generating glossy and voluminous reports rarely results in value added for the client, and only eats up precious budget resources for the project.

Planning and good business management is a process not an event.  We must view everything we do as work-in-progress. 

Continuous improvement implies the process is just that – continuous….improvement…

We provide consulting services because we truly enjoy the intellectual interaction and results achieved when the appointment has reached its ultimate goal. We take pride in assisting hard working and dedicated people to achieve their desired result.

How it works - Cost Management

DTD Consult is a UK Registered Consultancy and we work on a fee only basis, that means you pay us only for the work that we complete for you/on your behalf. All profits achieved by the activities completed by DTD Consult belong to you and we have no interest in that apart from the great feeling of having another satisfied customer. Fee's are generally set in advance giving you a full cost control for our activities and your project.

Assisting Companies to initiate or expand their business in Germany.

In partnership with UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) we provide expert international trade advice and practical support to UK-based companies who want to grow their business overseas and specifically Germany.

We provide tailored support packages for companies who are:

 For Legal and advice concerning Tax etc, we recommend our partner Companies for such services, Kemps Chartered Accountants in the UK https://www.kempsaccounting.co.uk/ and Martin Brune in Germany  http://www.stb-brune.de/en/